The adventures of one very lucky hound

Building a Wall Between Them.

The back yard has been transformed by the Tofugreyhound. Our beautiful peach tree is full of ripe delicious fruit and it’s not only humans who love the taste. We collect … Continue reading

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Yet Another Way to Keep Cool

Over the weekend the Tofugreyhound discovered yet another way to cool down as the mercury rises. He was walking along one of his favourite cafe strips and discovered doggy icecream. … Continue reading

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Tofu’s Tips on Keeping Cool

As I write this post the Tofugreyhound and I are sitting in the cool breeze and enjoying our summer morning, however days like this have been few and far between … Continue reading

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Greyhounds Like to Party

Christmas 2015 is upon us and it kicked off this year with the Greyhound Get Togethers Christmas Party! The Tofugreyhound attended with all of his greyhound buddies. There was playing, … Continue reading

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Tofugreyhound Takes a Dive

It was a standard Sunday lunch visiting the inlaws, with the Tofugreyhound, of course. Food had been sniffed and inspected, begging and following people around completed, when the Tofugreyhound’s favourite … Continue reading

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No More Couch for Tofugreyhound

A very short post today: Tofugreyhound nibbles the couch. He says he prefers real food. Now it must be dinner time. 😀

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Tofugreyhound Enjoys the Sun

This won’t be something new to most dogs, but it took nearly nine years for the Tofugreyhound to work out. Basking in the morning sun feels good. The Tofugreyhound went … Continue reading

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Night Terrors

If you read the Tofugreyhound’s blog regularly I’m sure you know that this hound loves sleeping on our bed. He sneeks in, in the mornings and occasionally tries at night. … Continue reading

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New Knees – an update

It’s been two weeks since the Tofugreyhound finished his arthritis treatment and the results have been fantastic.He has been hopping into the car with ease, walking more and playing again. … Continue reading

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The Tofugreyhound goes a Walkin’

A few weeks ago there was a world wide campaign to highlight the plight of ex racing greyhounds and raise awareness of what wonderful pets greyhounds make. Our local walk … Continue reading

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