The adventures of one very lucky hound

The Tofugreyhound gets New Knees

A few weeks ago the vet had some bad news for the Tofugreyhound, his arthritis was getting really bad. Of course the Tofugreyhound knew, but being a stoic hound he didn’t tell us the full extent of his problems.

On top of this ramp training wasn’t going well. Tofuhound will not put all of his feet on the ramp, no matter the delicious reward.

Thankfully our vet had a solution.

The Tofuhound is now half way though a four week course of injections, which stimulate stem cells to regrow the surface of the joints. I admit I felt skeptical at first, but as he still has years ahead of him, dependence on immunosupressants isn’t ideal. He is also taking a nutritional suppliment with condroitin to help. It is the only one on the market which doesn’t contain shark cartilage, so the Tofugreyhound is happy.

Two weeks in the Tofugreyhound is changing. He is back to his youthful energy levels, plays with toys and spins at least twice a day. On top of this he is actually bending his knees when he walks and is having no trouble hopping into the car.

I am so glad to be able to take the Tofugreyhound with me for adventures again and just to see him with less pain and enjoying life. Keep watching this space and we’ll see how he is after four weeks!

Off for another adventure!

Off for another adventure!

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