The adventures of one very lucky hound

The Tofugreyhound goes a Walkin’

A few weeks ago there was a world wide campaign to highlight the plight of ex racing greyhounds and raise awareness of what wonderful pets greyhounds make. Our local walk took place on a chilly Sunday morning and, of course, the Tofugreyhound had to be there.

The Tofugreyhound never meant to create a scene, just join in on this exciting walk. But as usual he had to plough ahead and ‘win’ the walk. There were so many greyhounds there, it looked fantastic, and the Tofugreyhound pushed his way past every one of them.

In addition to his pushy ways, he treated everyone and thier hound to an unusual sight. He decided it was time to cool off and ran into a fountain. When a rogue jet of water came his way he tried to exit at full speed and ended up slipping over and sliding on his side instead.

Thankfully he got up and shook himself off and continued walking. But after the walk we realised he had a cut to his leg and paw, but nothing a home bandaging couldn’t fix.

The Tofugreyhound returned home, sore, tired an I’m sure proud of his efforts at winning the greyhound awareness walk.

The hounds take on some stairs.

The hounds take on some stairs.

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