The adventures of one very lucky hound

Night Terrors

If you read the Tofugreyhound’s blog regularly I’m sure you know that this hound loves sleeping on our bed. He sneeks in, in the mornings and occasionally tries at night.

The mornings here have been very cold, with minimums just above freezing. To combat waking up to a frozen greyhound we dress the Tofuhound in pyjamas then swaddle him in blankets before we go to bed. Usually we don’t hear a peep all night.

Early this morning we saw a spectral ‘ghost hound’ at our bedroom door, who proceeded to make himself at home on our bed. Ghost hounds occur when the Tofugreyhound is able to move around completely covered in his blankets, looking like an archetypical ghost.

All was well for a few hours until we were awoken by a loud bang. I awoke to see the Tofugreyhound on the floor sprawling in blankets and pyjamas. Before I fully woke up the Tofugreyhound was back on the bed and curled up tight. Thankfully he was not hurt, but I do have to wonder what caused him to fall. Slippery surfaces between blaket and jammies, rolling over not fully awake or maybe even a doggy nightmare? The Tofuhound could tell us, but his lips are sealed.


A tired ghost hound

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