The adventures of one very lucky hound

Tofugreyhound Enjoys the Sun

This won’t be something new to most dogs, but it took nearly nine years for the Tofugreyhound to work out. Basking in the morning sun feels good.

The Tofugreyhound went outside and basked on the sand a few weeks ago for the first time. We think he might have learnt this from other dogs at doogy day care, but what prompted him at that moment I can’t say. What I can say is we were astounded.

He has since perfected his basking technique, digging a little hole in the sand and getting in just the right position. His little eyes close as he absorbs the mornings rays.

How long he will continue his basking phase is anyone’s guess, especially as the days get hotter and the sun stronger. But I can say we won’t be getting tired of watching him warm up any time soon.

Spot the greyhound.

Spot the greyhound.

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