The adventures of one very lucky hound

Tofugreyhound Takes a Dive

It was a standard Sunday lunch visiting the inlaws, with the Tofugreyhound, of course. Food had been sniffed and inspected, begging and following people around completed, when the Tofugreyhound’s favourite in law went outside to check a few things in the garden.

They checked some plants together, then headed over to the pool. The next moment the Tofugreyhound was submerged, completely head under water. The in law was getting ready to jump in, when a greyhound head popped up and he swam to the side of the pool and rather ungracefully scrabbled out.

Once out the laps of the yard began. The Tofugreyhound was zooming from fence to fence, spending all his adrenalin. He snaked himself along the lawn, and span in circles around the line.

The whole family pitched in and we washed the Tofuhound, then chased him around with a towe,l in an attempt to dry him.

After all the excitement the Tofugreyhound slept very well that night.

What a big Day!

What a big Day!

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