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Tofu’s Tips on Keeping Cool

As I write this post the Tofugreyhound and I are sitting in the cool breeze and enjoying our summer morning, however days like this have been few and far between with weeks straight of temperatures over 35 degres celcius and above. I can say for sure this kind of weather does not agree with the Tofugreyhound and so together we have worked out the five Tofugreyhound tips for keeping cool on hot days.

  1. Walking early and off the pavement. Some days it’s a bummer to get get up at five and pack the Tofugreyhound off to the beach or oval, but it’s necessary for hot day survival. The pavement heats up quickly and stays hot over night, so walking where paws are comfortable is a must, plus a run in the waves or a sprinkler cools everyone down.
  2. Stay inside. The Tofugreyhound is not an outisde dog at the best of times, but hot concrete and bright sun are definitely not his thing. I usually cool the one room in our place which has air con right down before I go out, so I don’t need to leave it running, and let the Tofugreyhound chill in there while I’m away.
  3. Indoor activities. The Tofugreyhound usually spends some part of the day basking outside and going for ‘zoomies.’ When it’s hot he can’t go out and gets a little stir crazy. I find raw hides keep him occupied  for long periods of time, or hiding treats around the house and letting him sniff them out also works off some of that energy.
  4. Ice cubes in the drinking water. The Tofugreyhound is disinclined to drink when we are away and this can become dangerous in the heat. I leave icecubes or even flavoured ice treats in his water to make it more interesting and keep it cool and palatable.
  5. Make a cool sleeping place. The Tofugreyhound’s usual double layer memory foam matress and layers of blankets are great for snuggling, but not so good in the heat. I usually set up a mat in the direct flow of the air con and on the cool tiles for our spoilt hound to use, as he is too precious to simply lay on the tiles uncovered. The mat seems to be comfotable enough for him to use and stay cool while relaxing.

Using these little tricks we managed to get through the heat wave and with more heat on the horizon we’ll be getting up early, dragging out the mat and finding dog treats in all kinds of unusual places for a while to come!



Keeping cool

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