The adventures of one very lucky hound

Building a Wall Between Them.

The back yard has been transformed by the Tofugreyhound.

Our beautiful peach tree is full of ripe delicious fruit and it’s not only humans who love the taste. We collect and dispose of fallen fruit everyday, not just to prevent a tofuhound from snacking (stones and all), but to keep out rodents and other pests too. So we were suprised when one night the Tofugreyhound vomited up a good number of peach stones.

I followed him while he went outside the next day and caught the peach thief red handed, or red muzzled as he ate the fruit from the tree! In respose we built a temporary wall of pavers, branches and garden tools to keep the thief away. Thankfully the Tofugreyhound doesn’t realise he can jump the barrier, yet.

We haven’t had anymore peach stone vomit events since, so heres hoping the barrier lasts us through the peach season!


Caught Red Handed!

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