The adventures of one very lucky hound

The Tofugreyhound gets New Knees

A few weeks ago the vet had some bad news for the Tofugreyhound, his arthritis was getting really bad. Of course the Tofugreyhound knew, but being a stoic hound he … Continue reading

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Tofugreyhound Eats All the Apricots

The Tofugreyhound is looking to take greed to a new level and found a way just last week. I bought a 250g packet of dried apricots from the Farmers Market … Continue reading

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The Tofugreyhound Has His Pics On ETSY!

Follow the link below and check out some greyt greyhound postcards and illustrations, all 100% Tofugreyhound endorsed.

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Tofugreyhound gets some Help

The Tofugreyhound is not so young anymore, plus his life of hard racing has taken a toll on his body. Over the years he has been finding it increasingly hard … Continue reading

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A New Coat!

Winter is starting to bite and the Tofugreyhound needs some indoor attire. I realised around three years ago that he would be getting older and colder, so I began knitting … Continue reading

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No Tofugreyhound’s Allowed

The Tofugreyhound’s garden is starting to take shape. All the soil is settling and it has been market out for lawn, trees and vegetable beds. Until last week it has … Continue reading

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The Tofugreyhound gets a Track

It finally happened, the pool is gone and the Tofugreyhound has a running track. At first he was a bit nervous to go over to the site of his fall … Continue reading

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The Tofugreyhound is Art!

Over the last few months I have been working on a series of portraits of the Tofugreyhound. Today I begin a break from work due to injury. The Tofugreyhound and … Continue reading

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The Tofugreyhound Falls Down a Hole

You will recall from the previous post, that we have a large hole where our pool once stood, in the Tofugreyhound’s backyard. It is half full of concrete rubble and … Continue reading

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Mum and Dad Dig a Big Hole

Until recently there was a swimming pool in the Tofugreyhound’s back yard. On the first day he arrived, over four years ago, he nearly fell in and has never been … Continue reading

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